Let me tell you a story...


Not a cloud in the sky. No shelter from the unbearable rays of the sun.


Encircled by the horizon, an oarless rowboat containing three chapped FISHERMEN sits on the still water. One fisherman pensively analyzes the homogenous scenery, while the other two engage each other.  


               FISHERMAN TWO

         We're going to die. 


                                FISHERMAN THREE 

         No we're not.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         How do you know?


                                FISHERMAN THREE

         I don't.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         See? I'm right. We're going

         to die.


                                FISHERMAN THREE

         How do you know?


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         I just do! I read yesterday, 

                   it's impossible to survive

                   more than three days without

         water. The sun is sucking

         moisture from our pores as                                                we speak. We're going to die.


              FISHERMAN THREE

         We'll be fine once we get water.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         And where are we going to get



Fisherman Two’s eyes open wide. He rummages under his seat and reveals a water bottle.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

                    How could I forget?


                                FISHERMAN THREE

                    Thank God. Can I have some?


                                FISHERMAN TWO

                    You should have brought your



                                FISHERMAN THREE

                    You got that from the fridge

         at my house!


                                FISHERMAN TWO

                    You should have brought your

         own from the fridge at your



                 FISHERMAN THREE

         I paid for it! Please, I’m



Fisherman Two shrugs and takes a sip.


With a SHOUT, Fisherman Three dives at Fisherman Two. The boat rocks as they scuffle for the bottle.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         It's mine!


Fisherman Two leans back. The boat capsizes, launching the three fishermen into the water.




The fishermen break the surface of the water, gasping for air. They hold onto the boat.


Fisherman Two splashes Fisherman Three.


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         You imbecile! 


                                FISHERMAN Three

         At least we got to cool off

         a bit…


                                FISHERMAN TWO

         Where are we going to find

         more water?! We're going to die.

         Now, we're going to die, and

         it's your fault!


Fisherman Two again splashes Fisherman Three, Fisherman One spritzed in the crossfire.


Fisherman One licks his lips, tasting the water dripping down his face. He smiles and drinks from his cupped hand.


                                THE ENLIGHTENED ONE

        Hey. Water... It's safe.



                                                                      FADE TO BLACK.



*  *  *


In high school, at a summer filmmaking intensive at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (read: film camp), I learned that the purpose of art is to “protect life.” Since then, I’ve been committed to creating works that address important issues in society and themes prevalent to the human experience, heralding narratives that start meaningful conversations and point to an existence steeped in grace, humility, and abundance that is accessible to all. 


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Despite seeming very "right-brained," Averi thoroughly enjoys racing the cash register in calculating change when making purchases.  



















- screenwriting

- photography

- drawing stuff

- sustainable development

- social entrepreneurship

- race and gender issues

- general world improvement

- food (eating and preparing)


- surfing

- painting

- spelling

- knowing when to take baked goods out of the oven

- French


- James Baldwin

- Zora Neale Hurston

- André Gregory

- Angela Davis

- Langston Hughes

- Tyehimba Jess

- Jonny Sun

- Malcolm Gladwell

- Jonathan Martin

- George Orwell