an iPhone short. it has jokes in it too...

"We're all going to die if we keep loving this way, die from isolation, loneliness, depression, abandoning each other to oppression, from lack of touch, from forgetting we are precious. We can no longer love as a secret or a presentation, as something we prioritize, hoard for the people we know. Prioritizing ourselves in love is political strategy, is survival... What we need right now is a radical, global love that grows from deep within to encompass all life."

- adrienne maree brown, Pleasure Activism

Cast and Crew

Woman -- Averi Israel

Meditation Podcast -- Sarah Gardner Antista

News Podcast -- Grace Bernardo

Science Podcast -- Ana Ribeiro

Spanish Podcast -- Caitlin Wells

Sleep Podcast -- Elizabeth Berkman

French Podcast -- Maggie Hood

Therapy Podcast -- Ashley Versher

Culture Podcast -- Kaili Turner

Friend -- Sarah Leñador

Writer/Director/Et al. -- Averi Israel